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Students attended this year's Wagin Woolorama and took part in Merino sheep, wool, beef and sheep judging, shearing events while others chose to watch.  Everyone had the opportunity to view the many displays and activities offered throughout the day. 


Thank you and congratulations to those who nominated themselves for the events, took part in training sessions prior and then represented the College on the day.

Runner up Champion judge (sheep) - Kendall Heliams


1st Meat Sheep Judging - Kendall Heliams


3rd Meat Sheep Judging - Andi Osborne 


3rd Cattle Judging - Samarah Moss


3rd Merino Judging - Kendall Heliams


4th Merino Judging - Chelsea Bario


4th and 3rd in Merino Teams Challenge 


3rd in Wool Handling - Tahlia Reichelt


7th in Shearing - Rory Miller 

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