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In 1953 the hospital and the surrounding land and buildings that serviced the Second World War Italian internment camp became the focus for housing students who wished to pursue an education centred around farming styles common in the South West corner of Western Australia. The campus was administrated as an agricultural wing of the Harvey Senior High School. 


Having no farm land of its own students were ferried out to local farms for the practical side of their courses. Gradually small parcels of land surrounding the boarding facilities were acquired and developed for the students use. 


The campus was initially built for 48 male students solely boarding, but this changed in 1988 when the first 2 female students attended whilst boarding in town. In 1992, a transportable dormitory for girls was opened with 4 in attendance. 


On the 19th January 1998, the Harvey Agricultural College came into existence splitting from the Harvey Senior High School, the initial enrolment was 62 upper school students. 


In 2000 the Western Australian College of Agricultural - Harvey was formed, joining 4 other Colleges from around the state in becoming a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). 


April 2001 - A state of the art dairy on the Wokalup site was commissioned to provide a million litres of milk to the WA market under contract. This marked the beginnings of students residing at Wokalup in a refurbished house under independent conditions not   only to staff the dairy program, but to acquire and practice greater independent living skills.


2003 - Compensation from the Wokalup dam site used to fund major projects such as establishment of a centre pivot irrigation system. 


In 2005 a trial group of Year 10 students made it the most diverse of all Agricultural Colleges that make up the Western Australian College of Agriculture.  The trial was continued and expanded in 2006, laying the foundation for a 3-year course. 


October 2012 a new College facilities was built and opened on the Farm at Wokalup to accommodate up to 128 Boarding plus Day students.  This was the first time the entire College, staff and students have been able to operate on one site, presenting the College with a wealth of opportunities.


In January 2013 the WA College of Agriculture - Harvey was recognised and named an Independent Public School.

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