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Students are requested to bring their own laptop to the College.  

Attached are the:

  • BYOD specifications requirements



Internet access on the device will be filtered at school and students will be prohibited from connecting to other networks while at school. Students will comply with the Department of Education (DoE) and school policies concerning the use of BYODs at school and while connected to the DoE network.



  • Harvey Ag College staff are under no obligation to provide any technical support on either hardware or software.

  • Long-term care and support of BYODs.

  • Students are solely responsible for repair and maintenance of their own device. It is not the school’s responsibility.

  • Warranties: Students should understand the limitations of the manufacturer's warranty on their BYOD, both in duration and in coverage. Under Australian consumer legislation, warranties usually last for one year. During this period any manufacturing defects will be repaired or the device will be replaced (as per the specific terms and conditions of the manufacturer).

  • Extended warranties: At the time of purchase, students may also purchase an optional extended warranty (past the standard warranty period) from the supplier/manufacturer of their device, during which any manufacturing defects that may out will also be repaired.

  • Each student will be allocated an email address and can expect to be informed by instructors through SMS and email.


If you have any queries in regard to the requirements, please contact the College.


We aim to prepare our students for the next step in their lives whether it be out on a worksite or for further education. In doing so, our Dress Code has been designed around the workplace requirements and it is important to have a sense of belonging and identity. The way in which we wear our uniform sets a tone and reflects a positive pride and professional approach to the wider community, it also allows staff to ensure safety and security of students in their care both on and offsite.


The College expects students to wear their uniform in a respectful and appropriate manner at all times. Shirts are to be tucked in, buttons done up, no rips, holes or tears, shorts are not to be rolled up, no writing on or excessive paint/grease and polished boots. Students must meet the approved uniform for their section.


Parents will be informed when their child’s uniform is unsatisfactory and new items need to be purchased to maintain the high standard and image of the College Community.


Hats (Class / Farm / Trades)

  • Term 1 and 4: Akubra or College Bucket hat.

  • Term 2 and 3: College Bucket or cap, College beanie (milking only).


Class Uniform

Class green/white checked shirt with bone moleskins/shorts, brown leather belt, green College jumper or College sports jacket. Polished brown boots and black socks. Ties are required when representing the College, for school photos and the end of year awards ceremony. Students wishing to wear a belt buckle may wear the College buckle, which is available to purchase from the College. Hat type depending on Term.

NOTE: The Class shorts must not to be tailored or shortened under any circumstances. If this is noticed, parents will be notified and a replacement will be requested at the cost of the child or parent.



Long blue cargo trousers, long sleeved HiVis blue/yellow cotton shirt, brush fleece blue/yellow work jumper (Drill jacket—winter). Black steel capped working boots with black socks.  Wet weather gear including rubber boots will be required, especially for dairy. 

Farm based Excursions: As per class uniform with hat/cap depending on term. Tie is optional, unless requested by teacher. Polished boots.



Long blue cargo long trousers, HiVis long sleeved blue/yellow cotton shirt, drill jacket and black steel capped working boots with black socks. Overalls are highly recommended for the Trades area.


Sheep Tags

Students will be issued with Sheep Tags at the beginning of the year to be placed on their Class and Farm boots so they are easily recognised.


Sport / Country Week / WACoA Carnival

College tracksuit, polo shirt and shorts or skort, all containing the College logo (these are available to purchase at the Office), non-marking sport shoes and College caps.


Town Outings 

During the week, students are required to wear the classroom uniform whilst going on town runs and look presentable. 


Both Boarding and Day students have different requirements and expectations whilst attending the College.  Please click on the relevant requirements.

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