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The above Contribution and Charges are updated at the end of each year.  Please click on the above box, this will give you the charges for 2023.

Fees are clearly a charge for service and there is an expectation that instalment deadlines be met unless there is a prior arrangement with the Manager Corporate Services.



  • A deposit of $200.00 is payable upon acceptance of an offer at the College.

  • The $200.00 deposit is credited against 1st Term Residential Fees or Day student fees.

  • The Acceptance Deposit is fully refunded in the event of a written withdrawal being received prior to the start of Term One. 



  • The first and second instalments of residential fees must be cleared by the end of Semester One for students to be able to continue in residence in Semester Two. 

  • The third instalment is to be cleared before the commencement of Term Four

  • Failure to clear all outstanding fees from Year 10 or Year 11 will result in residency being denied at the commencement of the following year unless prior arrangements have been made with the Principal. 

NB: Students may attend the education program as a day student



These fees are to be paid on the first day the student is in attendance at the College.



If a student departs the College through their own choice or through termination of residency, fees remain payable for the number of weeks the student has been in residence.  Parents will be refunded the excess if applicable on a pro rata basis. 



If a student ceases the educational program at the College, pro rata of charges, less the percentage of Government Subsidy will be refunded to parents according to the time of the year. 

  • 1st Term             -  Seventy Five Percent (75%) refund

  • 2nd Term           -  Fifty Percent (50%) refund

  • 3rd & 4th Term  -  No refund

This Fees Refund Policy is consistent with the Department of Education Fees Policies.


NO REFUND of fees is payable for any period of short term absence by a student from the College.  Fee refunds for long term absences should be negotiated with the Principal.

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