Students need to be aware that complaints made by them in regards to assessment, treatment or other aspects will be undertaken with due regard for fairness by members of College staff.  Vexatious complaints will be dealt with along the Managing Student Behaviour process.  The complaint may be dealt with by discussion, mediation or by sanctions where necessary.


Where a complaint is deemed to be of sufficient scale, students should ensure the student or staff member is aware that they feel aggrieved by their action, whether it be surrounding course work, skills assessment, behavioural treatment etc.  Go directly to the Staff member, or to the student involved in order to seek resolution.


  1. Seek verbal explanation as to why a judgment has been made from where the dispute arose.  Always attempt to resolve the dispute at the lowest level.

  2. Where a verbal explanation is insufficient, a written request should be forwarded and a reply received which formalises the process.  A meeting held and minutes kept. Formal notification takes place to all concerned.  Mediation may also take place, or resolution by Management.

  3. In the event that the outcome to the dispute is still unsatisfactory, an appeal needs to be made to the next highest person on the “Chain of Command’ within the College from levels 1 through 4.

Level 1 Teacher/Technical Officer/Residential Supervisor

Level 2 Head of Department/ Farm Manager or Assistant, Corporate Services Manager/Programme   Coordinator

Level 3 Vice Principal

Level 4 Principal

   4. In the event that the outcome to the dispute is still unsatisfactory, application needs to be made to the next highest person on          the “Chain of Command” outside of the College which will most likely be the Complaints Management Unit in Central Office,            the Training Accreditation Council,   the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, Police, Ombudsman etc.


The Department of Education does not permit student use of mobile phones in public schools unless for medical or staff directed educational purposes. Students are permitted to be in possession of their mobile phone during the school day however, mobile phones must be turned off and away. Smart watches must be in ‘aeroplane mode’ so phone calls and messages cannot be sent or received during the school day. The College recommends that day students leave their mobile phone in their locker and residential students leave their phone in their dorm. Students who take their phones to class or section do so at their own risk.


Mobile phones cannot be used during meal times or after lights out. In the event that students need to make an emergency phone call, they may use College phones.  Parents needing to contact their child during the day program will be expected to contact the Administration office, who will then arrange for the child to phone back at a suitable time.


Students who breach these conditions will have their phone confiscated for the following lengths of time.

First offence                                         48 hours

Second offence                                    1 week

Third and subsequent offences          2 weeks


Parents will be contacted if their child’s phone is confiscated. Should the period of confiscation straddle a weekend, students may be able have their phone reinstated on Friday afternoon but must return it the following week to complete the period of confiscation.


Students who use their phone for bullying or vilification purposes will have their phone confiscated for the maximum period of time and also be dealt with for as bullying.




The College does not condone the uploading onto any social media of inappropriate photos or information of staff or students or that detracts from the College reputation in the community.   Students who do this will be expected to take down the post. 


Staff are not permitted to be friends with students using social media.