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Are you interested in attending the WA College of Agriculture - Harvey?


There has been exceptional interest in the program offered by the College and as a result this year’s selection process has once again been very competitive.  We interviewed around 150 prospective Year 10 and 11 students for 50 Year 10 positions and approximately 15 Year 11 positions in 2023.


Each year we commenced interviews at the beginning of Term 1 and usually interview until the end of Term 2 or in the first couple of weeks of Term 3.  


We are still accepting applications once all positions are offered, but all applications will be placed on a waitlist. If an interview position becomes available, we will be in contact.


Take your time to navigate and explore our website and view what is on offer at our College.  If you have any problems finding the information you need, we are just an email or phone call away.  

Boarding and Day student places are available to those interested in studying Year 10, 11 and Year 12 agricultural courses. On completion of Year 12, students may lead career opportunities, entry into University, further study at TAFE or linkages to apprenticeships.

Due to the popularity and limited places available at the College, we suggest you send in your application, latest semester report, OLNA or NAPLAN (if possible) to the College as soon as practicable.  We will commence interviews at the beginning of Term 1 for the following year. Prospective students interested in attending the College in the coming years are advised to submit their Admissions form as soon as possible, as places are fill fast. 

On applying to attend the WA College of Agriculture Harvey, in Year 10 or 11, the prospective student will be invited to attend an interview with one of our senior staff to further his/her application. In additional to the interview, the student and parents will be given a presentation by the Principal about the College and a tour around the main campus area. These three elements will take around two hours. Parents are asked to confirm the attendance and if for any reason the applicant is not able to attend the interview they are asked to contact the College immediately, this allows the appointment to be allocated to another applicant.


See how the College goes through the selection process by downloading the information below (Selection Process).   

You have read all the information and wish to the APPLY NOW BUTTON below and start the process by completing the online application.  Make sure you have all your documents on hand to upload, you can attach PDF or JPEG. 

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