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Can I pay my account over the phone?

Yes.  You can pay over the phone with a credit card.


Can I transfer money into the College account?

Yes.  Please contact the College for bank details.  When transferring money, please ensure your child’s name and description.


Do you take students in Year 8 / Year 9?

No.  We take students from Year 10 – 12


Can I start at the College in Year 11?

Yes. Year 11 and 12 will give you enough time to obtain your Certificate 2 in Agriculture and other related certificates. 


What courses do you run?

Please look on our website under the curriculum for details of the course we run at the College. 


What if I don’t want to do Trades?

You are required to do the Trades course on offer at the College.


Do I have to do Farm?

Yes, definitely.  We are an Agricultural College.  All students are expected to achieve their Certificate 2 in Agriculture or more, when they graduate at the end of Year 12.

When is your Open Day?

We have an Open Day in May each year. Please keep an eye on our website or Facebook for the date.


Do you do ATAR?

No.  We have an General Extension Pathway which is pathway to university whilst maximizing time on Farm and Trades.  


When do I need to apply?

It is advisable to apply in Year 8 or beginning of Year 9 as we commence interviews at the beginning of the year before enrolment.


Do students have to stay in weekends?

Students are allowed to go home each weekend, but are required to stay in on their Weekend Stock Roster weekend and Open Day.


What public transport is available to get home?

For weekend leave Residential staff take students to catch public transport. Students can catch the Australind to Perth on Friday after school and can return on Sunday.  We also take students to the Old Coast Road to catch the South West Coach lines south. 


What is the cost? Are there any subsidies / concessions?

Please look under our finance tab on the website, in the College Prospectus or on contact the College regarding any subsidies.


Can I bring my horse / motorbike / car?

Yes you can bring all the above but you will need to complete the relevant paperwork and submit it to the College for approval before anything can be brought onto the College grounds.

Can I have medication in my dorm?

No.  All medication needs to be handed into residential and they will administer daily or when required.

Do I need to buy all the books on the Booklist at the beginning of the year?

Yes.  Whatever is listed on the booklist for your year, you need to purchase.

Do I need to buy all the uniform on the uniform list?

Yes.  All uniform is required that is listed on the form.  Even the tie, which is used for excursions. 

My Child is a hands-on learner, do they still have to attend class?

Yes.  All students have to attend class as set in the Curriculum to obtain their WACE.  The amount of class time depends on the course you have selected whether it is General or General Extension and what year.

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