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I am sure that within a few short years you will reflect on your two or three years at Harvey with fond memories.  If not already, you will regard your time at Harvey as two or three of the most enjoyable years of your school life.

How do I know this? Well, I was in the same position as you are in right now, not all that many years ago – yes, I had just finished at Harvey too.

As almost all ex-students come to appreciate and owe so much to Harvey Ag for their later successes in life, the idea of an Ex-Students’ Association was formed, and in February 1991 was inaugurated. In 2004 the Ex-Students’ Association was modified to include ex staff as well as ex students and renamed Friends of Harvey Agricultural College.

The charter of an ex-students association is to keep the friendship and contact with old mates alive, and also to provide financial and/or moral support to the current students, the school or in certain cases, even ex-students and also provide a scholarship to a worthy student each year.

Already you have seen some of the work of the association in and around the school, and it is our intention, that our objectives become even stronger every year.

You are now officially an ‘EX STUDENT’ and we invite you to join our organisation. 

Geoff Stagbouer

Friends of Harvey Agricultural College Representative

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