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This year 72 staff and students attended Country Week playing AFL, mixed hockey, both boys and girls volleyball, both girls and boys basketball over the five days.  The College is very proud of the effort and sportsmanship that the teams have displayed throughout the week.


A huge thankyou to Ms Stringer for organising all the students to attend, this is a huge task.  Thankyou also to the staff for volunteering to coach the teams, this all wouldn't happen without your dedication. 

Day 1

WON - Girls basketball, mixed hockey, girls volleyball, AFL and boys volleyball.

LOST - Boys basketball, boys volleyball.


Day 2

WON - Girls basketball x 2, girls volleyball, boys volleyball, AFL, boys basketball.

LOST - Boys basketball, girls volleyball, mixed hockey x 2.


Day 3

WON - AFL x 2, boys basketball x 2, girls basketball.

DRAW - Mixed hockey.

LOST - Girls volleyball x 2, boys volleyball x 2, mixed hockey.


Day 4

WON - Boys Basketball x 2, Girls Basketball, AFL 

LOST - Girls Volleyball, Boys Volleyball x 2, Mixed Hockey, Girls Basketball 


Day 5 - Finals Day

WON - AFL (1st in division), Mixed Hockey - (3rd in division), Boys Volleyball - (7th in division), 

LOST - Girls Volleyball (8th in division), Boys Basketball (2nd in division), Girls Basketball (2nd in division). 

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