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An education at the WA College of Agriculture - Harvey is more than preparing students for jobs on farms. Diverse career options are available for graduates.

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WA College of Agriculture - Harvey

At the beginning on Term 1 this year, we commenced interviews each Wednesday for students wishing to attend in 2017.  Due to the large number of applications already received for next year we are fully booked for interviews up to the 10th of August and at this stage we will no longer be conducting any interviews after this date. 

If you would like to be placed on a waiting list, please send in your "Application for Admission" form and a copy of your last school report.  If any appointments become available you will be contacted.

This site is provided for the public, parents, students and staff to highlight the attributes and performance of the WA College of Agriculture Harvey.

The College is a Registered Training Organisation delivering Level II qualifications to students in both Agricultural and Industrial Enterprises. The knowledge and certificates offered to students give them the chance to develop their interests leading to specific employment opportunities beyond their college life.

The College aims to introduce and develop independent living skills to students, encouraging students to have confidence, responsibility, motivation and pride in themselves.

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